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Google Apps deployment services.

Google AppsLeverage our existing experience to guide you through your Google Apps implementation. We offer deployment, support, training and migration services specifically focused on reducing your overall effort. However, unlike other aggressive companies, we only want to provide the services you need - be it a simple deployment or just training. Each of the services are offered separate because we understand each business is different and want you to have the power to choose.

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Featured Client Reviews.

SAI: Corporate Communications - Google Apps


These guys are nothing short of superb. They have what it takes to get you up and running in no time. What really amazed me is when I called them with a couple of questions, not only did I get realistic accurate answers but I received an email minutes later summarizing my conversation with them...yes all for as low as 25 dollars.

I should also mention that on the day I was to activate Google Apps I needed to change the activation time at the last minute. Not only did they accommodate my change but they made that change on a Friday night at 11:00pm. How many companies do you know who would do that? Bellotech is a great find and I am forever appreciative for what they did.

Mark Winkler

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FitWell LLC - Google Apps

FitWell LLC

I had been looking to switch from a hosted Microsoft Exchange server to Google Apps for a few weeks. I did my homework, thought I could do it myself but remembered the last time I thought I could do something - ended up crashing my website for a week.

There are plenty of providers on the web that claim they can do this for you. Bellotech not only did it for me, but did it without ANY problems.

Why did I pick the guys at Bellotech?

1. Quick response - I sent an email to over 20 vendors asking about their services. Bellotech sent me a personal reply within an hour AND answered all of my questions (I asked about 15 more and I am sure the guys were ready to give up on me as a customer).

2. They did what they said they were going to do - and did it well. I got exactly what I wanted, no upsell for a better mousetrap. I appreciate this in a vendor.

3. They understood my needs, and talked to me at my level. I've hired vendors before who like to use acronyms and big industry words to impress people. Bellotech talked to me in a very to understand, easy to follow style.

Not only will I use Bellotech again, but will tell all my friend and clients about their "presidential" service.

Ted Vickey
FitWell LLC

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